Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Suicide and ME

A new 'study' is showing that patients with CFS could be more likely to commit suicide than healthy people. The authors seem to start off saying that the study did not include enough people to show statistical significance. I have to wonder why they bothered, then if they weren't studying enough data.
They then go on to blame the patients, saying that the reason they committed suicide is because they wouldn't go for treatment for the mental illness they knew they didn't have.

If someone with cancer commits suicide, then there is compassion and understanding that the patient  has maybe a few weeks or months to live, is in extreme pain,and that they wish to escape their last few weeks, deteriorating, weakening, and in increasing agony.

However, there is no compassion or understanding for those with ME, who could face years, even decades, of similar deterioration, weakening and pain.

I hate going to bed at night. Not because I fear I might not wake up, but because I fear that I will, and know that each awakening brings a fresh morning of pain.

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