Friday, September 25, 2015

An Outing in the City!

I longed to see the local museum's display to mark the centenary of the WI, as I am a founder member of our village branch. A lot easier wished for than done! I haven't been able to visit the city on my own for three years, since I suddenly crashed with ME.
Dear DH came up with a solution.
I rested well the day before. The day of the Outing, I had a lie in, then rose, washed, dressed, then rested quietly on the bed. I came downstairs, ate breakfast, then rested quietly on the sofa for an hour or so. I sat quietly in the car - no music - as he drove me the fifteen miles to the city, dropping me at the door of the museum. We'd arranged that I would phone him if I needed him, otherwise we'd meet a few hundred yards up the road at a certain time.
He drove off to park, and there I was, on my own in the city! With my walking stick to aid my balance, I entered the museum. There were chairs in the room featuring the WI , which I knew would be on the ground floor. I sat, reading the displays, marvelling at some of the intricate needlework, fascinated by the history of the organisation. Did  you know that the WI campaigned for a ban on smoking in public as early as 1964? There were WI members on hand to chat, which was a treat. They showed me the lacemaking, they were working on, with decorated, beaded bobbins intricately moving in delicate dances across the cushions.
Eventually I tore myself away. I sat outside in the sunshine, people watching - a rare treat! I walked a few yards up the main street, popped into a shop for a sandwich and water, sitting on another bench to eat and drink, revelling in the freedom. I even ventured into a charity shop, spotting a vase identical to the one smashed last week in an attack of clumsiness. I found another seat for another rest, then phoned DH, who drove to collect me. I was very tired, but very happy.
I rested the next day, not feeling too bad; the following day was bad, the day after that was a bit iffy but a little better. Tomorrow I should be back to my 'normal.'
It was all worth it - I'd had an Outing!

My Outing would seem trivial to most people - a lazy day of doing hardly anything. That day I managed much more than usual, which is many times more than a lot of people with ME, who cannot even get out of bed.